"Never have I ever", a new way to spice up your online sessions!

If you follow us, you most certainly know that we always come up with new ideas to spice up the private online sessions with your members. Did you try Big Talk, Truth or Dare, role-playing, or even speaking in your member's native language? If so, you still haven't exhausted all the possibilities of having endless fun via webcam! There is one more fun game that will guarantee you hours of interesting conversations and, of course, tens of thousands of dollars in earnings! Because, in the end, this is why you do your job as a non-adult cam girl and you are so good at it.

We are talking about the famous "Never have I ever" game. The rules are simple: one of the participants states something they have never done, for example eating a whole box of candy at once. Then, the participants who did it have to drink. So, even if basically "Never have I ever" is a drinking game, there is nothing from stopping you to adapt it with your member. For example, you can each have a piece of paper with "I did" or "I didn't" written on one side. When one of you states something, the other one will show the paper with "I did" or with "I didn't".

The absolute beauty of this game is that you can discover a lot about the person in front of you without them having to actually acknowledge doing something. Of course, if you both want to share stories about what you did or didn't in your life, you are free to do so and it will make the game even better. Below, we have selected some of the best "Never have I ever" questions, that will keep you and your members entertained for countless sessions.

Never have I ever...

... jumped in a pool with all my clothes on

... stayed out past 3 in the morning

... been fired from a job

... broken a bone

... faked sick to miss work

... gotten a tattoo

... saved someone's life

... met a famous person on the street

... told a lie to my best friend

... made up a story to impress someone

... gone skinny-dipping

... made up a story about someone that wasn't real

... received an anonymous gift

... been invited on stage at a concert

... appeared on a TV show

... slept outside for an entire night

... dated someone famous

... cheated on someone.

These are just 18 "Never have I ever" questions, but the possibilities are literally endless. Just think of something you haven't done, but wished you did, and throw it in! Also, encourage your members to ask questions as well, so that the game is more interactive. In no time, you will form an even closer friendship and you will get to know a lot of interesting things about each other. However, if members cross the line and start asking sexual questions, make sure you reiterate that you work for a strictly non-adult cam studio.


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