What does a cam model need to know about men

What does a cam model need to know about men
The myth that men only want sex is true if we address relationships at a superficial level. However, if we look deeply, we will discover that this idea is not only outdated but also very damaging to a cam model that needs to establish authentic and lasting relationships, in order to keep her members loyal and earn a lot of money from this activity.

Preconceptions that men "take advantage of love to get to sex" and that they "think with the small head" leave most women not only frustrated but also confused because they often come to the conclusion that they don’t know what guys really want. A webcam model makes a living out of the intense interaction with members of online modeling websites, therefore, it’s important for her to decipher the mysteries of male psychology and to establish the most profitable online relationships.

Studies conducted in recent decades by psychology researchers have found that men don’t see women at all as simple ways to achieve sexual satisfaction. They are neither selfish nor predatory, as society has portrayed them so far, but rather isolated and incapable of revealing their true feelings. Therefore, in order to establish a lasting relationship with her members, a cam model must offer them a relaxing and entertaining company and help them talk about themselves. She can accomplish this by initiating activities and conversations as pleasant as possible, and by empathetic listening without using criticism or labeling. Men will get the confidence to talk freely about everything they care about only if the cam model has a lighter attitude towards them. 

Both sexes will profit from giving up stereotypes about male sexuality, which negatively affects their relationships. Although it has been decreed that we have equal rights since the mid-twentieth century, women and men have remained different in so many ways. Relationships often fail because both men and women offer the opposite sex what they really want, without taking into account the specific psychology of each. Obviously, a man can have sex immediately with an unknown woman, even if he really doesn’t like her, just to satisfy his erotic pleasure. But that doesn’t mean that, after sex, the two can’t become friends for life.

Here's what a cam model need to know about men:

1. Men talk less than women ...

... but do so much more. So a good cam model will ask members more about their actions than about the thoughts and emotions they have. The more you are interested in what they do, the more they will feel validated as men and will increase their self-esteem. Of course, this will encourage them to come back to you whenever they need to feel confident. Apart from the fact that men talk less, they also say things straight ahead. They use shorter and better structured phrases, so in order to make yourself understood you need to use the same simple and orderly language.

2. Men talk even less about their feelings
This is not because this is the way Mother Nature made them, but because they have always been taught to do so. They are inoculated that if they do talk about their feelings, they become vulnerable, and vulnerability is a feminine feature. Men have repressed their feelings for thousands of years, therefore, a cam model must have a lot of patience with its members and not force them to talk about their emotions if they are not ready. Surely, this will happen if the cam model is empathetic and will accept them together with all their flaws. What you need to know is that every man needs to be admired, appreciated, understood and obviously praised for his accomplishments.

3. Men do not speak at all when they are stressed
Men's stress response is totally different from that of women. So if you have a bad day and you want to chat about it in order to get the tension away, a man found under stressful factors will tend to panic and freeze. A cam model doesn’t need to force its members to get out of their comfort zone and intrude in their heart affairs in order to distract them. In such cases, you’d better propose a pleasant activity for both parties. After finishing it ... a man will surely be open for discussion 100% :)


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