What does it mean to be a cam model trainer? (Part 1)

What does it mean to be a cam model trainer? (Part 1)

What does it mean to be a cam model trainer? (Part 1)


Among the many professions that have recently appeared in the workplace landscape, one of them seems extremely interesting: cam model trainer.


Surely you have seen job postings on job sites, but what does it mean to be a cam model trainer, what are the requirements and responsibilities of such a job and what does a day in the life of a cam model trainer look like during the work shift?


Because we want to go to the source, we chose to call on our colleagues in Studio20 offices around the world and ask them questions.


“To become a cam model trainer you do not need specific educational training, but it helps you if you have knowledge of sociology, psychology, and/or pedagogy; they will help you relate better with the cam studio models and meet the problems they face. ” Juan, trainer Studio20 Cali.


"Many ask us if it takes experience to become a cam model trainer. The answer is <No>. Because Studio20 has its own training system and something called "Studio20 Academy", you don't need to have any previous experience to become a cam model trainer. Both I and many other people from the studio came here by chance and we liked it so much that we decided to stay and build together what you now see as Studio20. ” Robert, Manager Studio20 Romania


We have established that we do not need certain courses or experience in the field to become a cam model trainer.

However, what are the requirements to become a cam model trainer?


"English is mandatory. Studio 20 works with glamorous, non-nude models and the focus is on the conversation. As English is an international language and most of the money is made from the conversation, it is necessary for cam studio models to know English. A cam model trainer must know English in order to understand the requirements of the site, of the members so that he can help the models to earn as much as possible." Says Isa, an English teacher at Studio20 Men.


"Since the interview day, we're testing the English level of the candidate with a simple test. Depending on its level, English courses are established with the teacher in the studio. Free English courses are something that benefits both staff members and role models, so everyone works together and grows together.

Another requirement we have to become a cam model trainer is to be an open and understanding person. We work with female and male models, we work with people and people and personalities who are more or less different. Someone with a narrow mind will not be able to stay too long in the studio ”Amelie, HR manager Studio20 Prague


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