​What does online modeling really mean?

​What does online modeling really mean?
Online modeling has been associated over time with many things, most often in a wrongly manner, so we want to explain exactly what cam jobs are all about and why they are so popular worldwide.

The general public reacts in a hostile way towards online modeling, first of all due to misinformation in the media and, secondly, because of the outdated mentality of our society. Few people really know what online modeling is supposed to be. However, everyone has something to say about it, spreading, false and harmful information. It is important to do your research and talk to people who work in the live cam industry in order to form an objective opinion and decide whether a cam job suits you.

First, you should know that there are two distinct categories: nude and non nude online modeling and each has its specific characteristics. Both are based on conversations with people from other countries, through a computer equipped with a video camera and an Internet connection. The only difference is that non nude online modeling is based on the intelligence and personal charm of the webcam model. Studio 20 has merged the two concepts and invented glamour online modeling, a way to practice this profession with your clothes on and earn as much as a nude webcam model.

Why do men pay to chat with the webcam models?

When it comes to online modeling, you need to understand the psychology of those who seek the services of cam girls. These are people who feel very lonely or are too shy to discuss what bothers them with real people from their lives. They want to be listened to and understood by an optimistic person, who is able to infect them with her joy. These members resort to cam girls not for nudity and sex, as commonly thought, but to build an authentic relationship with a person who accepts them as they are. They do not want a mistress in particular, but a true friend or a psychologist. Of course, they need to pay for every minute of interaction. Today's society alienates people in real life, therefore many of them live their lives in the digital world.

The demand for online modeling is becoming greater, so there’s a big chance that you were exposed to ads about cam jobs. Probably you were tempted to reply to those at some point, but didn’t know what online modeling really implies so you were reluctant to contact a cam studio and go to an interview.

You need to know that cam studios, such as Studio 20, have understood the need to treat online modeling as professional as possible. They created excellent conditions for work, with modern and luxurious surroundings, impeccable cleanliness, advanced equipment, professional lighting, nonstop technical support, experienced trainers, English and general knowledge teachers, photographers and video editors, make-up artist, hairstylist , masseuse and even a psychologist.
Nowadays, online modeling is a profession like any other. At Studio 20, you get to sign an artist-performer contract and you have the ability to make your own schedule, so you can also take care of school, family, social life or hobbies. We are aware that only a person who is satisfied on all levels can achieve performance in her professional life, so we are here for you not only to teach you what online modeling is all about, but also to give you unconditional support every time you need.

If you're an ambitious and serious person, and want to earn on average of 10,000 dollars per month, contact us! We will explain how online modeling can help you build a future without financial worries in just 2-3 years.


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