5 truths about webcam jobs

5 truths about webcam jobs
Webcam jobs don’t have a good reputation because of the frequent news about blackmailed webcam models or tax evasion owners. In addition, the mentality is still quite outdated and many times people compare this profession with prostitution. However, very few people really know what is happening in a professional cam studio, such as Studio 20, which offers legal artist-performer contracts, good working conditions, fairness and transparency. That's why we wanted to clarify some aspects of  the webcam jobs, in order for the cam models interested in this activity to stop being reluctant and start their career.

1. Webcam jobs are legal
Most people think webcam models are breaking the law by performing this job. The truth is that this field is legally regulated and business like Studio 20 fully comply with the legislation. The company provides artist-performer contracts, hires only legally adult webcam models and pays taxes, just like any other business.

2. Webcam jobs are not the same with prostitution
Indeed, much of the work of a webcam model consists of seduction games, but at Studio 20 there is the possibility of practicing this profession and earning a lot of money without having to undress. How is it possible? Studio 20 offers young webcam models the opportunity to get webcam jobs which involve socializing with members of online modeling websites using their intelligence and their seductive power.

3. Webcam jobs are based on communication
A lot of men turn to online modeling websites for erotic activities, but successful webcam models who earn tens of thousands of dollars are able to achieve these performances because they have real communication skills. They manage to capture men's interest and keep them hooked for a longer time because of the way they interact with these people. The members are searching for friends more than anything else so that they can talk about their personal issues and enjoy some relaxing and fun moments.

4. Webcam models are not only rich but also famous
A webcam model can earn up to $$50,000 a month. At first, when you don’t have any experience, Studio 20 offers you a training program so that you can learn all you need to know about webcam jobs as quickly as possible. Then, in time, you will be able to earn much better and reach your financial goals. All you have to do is  be ambitious, involved, and focus on giving the best of you to your webcam job. Not only can you earn a lot of money, but you can also become famous. Devious Angel, Sasha Red, Raquelle Diva, Zeya Brunette and Emma Wild are some of the Studio 20 webcam models that have received numerous awards at international festivals.

5. You don’t have to look perfect
Many girls who want to be a webcam model think they must have ideal proportions just like international top models. If that were the case, it would mean that all women would be identical, but they aren’t and that’s fine because men appreciate diversity and personality, more than physical appearance. It’s important to have a nice look, but it’s more important to exude optimism and sensuality. In online modeling, every woman can use her strengths and gain confidence in her femininity.


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