What's the best gift idea for a webcam model?

What's the best gift idea for a webcam model?
If your friend is a webcam model, you most certainly have the same issue every time you have to offer her a present, whether for her birthday, name day, or any other special occasion. She already has everything she wants since her earnings are so high that she can afford anything, from a sports car to the newest clothes, and from an exotic vacation to all the new makeup products. Therefore, how can you stand out and not give her a boring gift just because you don't have any ideas?

After all, you are her friend and you are supposed to know her better than anyone else, right? Even if she already has everything, she will expect a pleasant surprise from you, and she will be disappointed if she only receives flowers or perfume she doesn't even like. In this case, the only option is to buy her something symbolic. Personalized gifts are the best idea, but objects such as mugs, framed pictures, or pillows are obsolete. But don't worry, we will give you a tip that will make your friend go: "Wow, this is the gift I never knew I wanted so much!".

Our suggestion is to buy her the biggest scratch map you could find! They are usually found in bookshops or online and they are exactly what their name suggests: maps of the world (or a certain continent), on which you can scratch the countries or places you already visited. This will create a personalized map for everyone, that can be hung on a wall and completed when traveling all around the world will be allowed again. Jokingly, besides the map, you could give your friend a 25 or 50 cents coin, telling her: "Hold this, you will need it!".

So why is a scratch map the best gift a webcam model could receive from her good friend? First of all, because it's original: you can bet she doesn't have anything similar or maybe she hasn't even heard of it before. Secondly, you can tell this gift is meant to be symbolic and not expensive, and she will appreciate that you didn't try to impress her with something exquisite, but ultimately useless.

Last but not least, a scratch map is such an inspired gift because a webcam model literally travels all around the world through her work. She either attends different award ceremonies or shootings in different countries, or she goes on extravagant holidays with the money she makes as a model. By scratching the map, she will remember all the places she traveled to and she might even recall a memory or two from each country she visited. This gift is all the more inspired as traveling was much more difficult in 2020, and this year doesn't look much better either. Until restrictions will be lifted and we can all travel freely again, spending time remembering how it was two or three years ago is one of the best things we can do.


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