A few questions from the girls that visit a webcam modeling agency for the first time

A few questions from the girls that visit a webcam modeling agency for the first time
In the 18 years of activity, the Studio 20 team has had the chance of meeting a lot of young girls eager to become a webcam model in a prestigious team. During the discussions, the girls addressed all kinds of questions, but a few of their curiosities really stood out. This is exactly the reason why in the lines below you will learn the answers to all the frequently asked questions so that you will have all the necessary information in order to build a successful career at the largest webcam modeling studio in the world. 

The modeling activity in a studio is done according to the laws of every country, so it's no different from any other type of activity. One of the reasons why Studio 20 managed to be considered the best webcam modeling studio in the world is the strict policy that this company has regarding legality. Studio 20 is among the few studios in the world that offer a legal contract, an additional document for legal and secure revenue signed every two weeks, incredible working conditions and top-notch equipment. Even more, the monthly bonuses and additional benefits will surely astonish you! Because many webcam modeling ads promise so much and never hold up to their promises, we thought you could really use some answers to all the questions you might have. 

Do I need a perfect body to become a webcam model? 
A lot of the girls that we meet have this preconception, but a professional online modeling agency will never exclusively pick its team by this aspect. Studio 20 focuses on your intelligence and your ability to seduce, so the way you carry yourself in front of the camera and your personality are extremely important, even more than your silhouette. The Studio 20 webcam modeling team (with 18 locations all over the world) is really large and the ladies we collaborate with are strong and confident women. 

How much can I earn? 
Every webcam modeling studio promises fabulous earnings, but Studio 20 guarantees the fact that you will be financially worry-free from the first month of activity here. Thus, the guaranteed minimum monthly income in your first three months ranges from $1,000 to $3,000, after which you can enjoy earnings of up to $25,000 every month, depending on the implication and professionalism you show. These amounts that our webcam models enjoy are nothing more than the result of their hard work and the quality of the training delivered by our specialists. 

What's the working schedule? 
Obviously, substantial earnings as a webcam model depend on the time you spend online, so you will have to be logged in for about 8 hours per day. You can pick the interval which you want to cover at work, being able to choose from morning shifts, noon or night. 

What documents are needed for employment? 
If you want to be part of the successful webcam modeling team at Studio 20, you will not need anything more than your ID. We don't ask for resumes, recommendation letters or other paperwork. The only thing we need to be sure of is that you are above 18 years of age. 

How can I tell if an offer is real? 
The benefits that you can enjoy at a prestigious webcam modeling studio can sound too good to be true when compared with the general working conditions in most countries, so a lot of girls that we cross paths with have their doubts. This is why we offer all girls that want a successful career at a top webcam modeling studio the possibility to convince themselves of the fact that we keep each and every promise we make. 

If you think that the webcam modeling activity suits you, we can't wait to meet you and have a chat!


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