Are you going to hide that you’re working for a live cam studio?

Are you going to hide that you’re working for a live cam studio?
​Even if live cam modeling has become a very popular industry, there are a lot of people who can't see with good eyes the webcam models who work for a live cam studio. The obvious reason is that many of them don't know what this job means and what a webcam model is supposed to do and what she is supposed to be; they make a big mistake by thinking a live cam studio is actually a place where every girl must undress herself in order to fulfill the desire of every man who's watching her. But there can't be anything wronger than this outdated and totally false belief. Unfortunately, this is the reason why a lot of our webcam models choose not to show their identity, to have a nickname and to lie about the job they have. 

Because we are in the XXI century, people should know that anyone who accesses a chat site can find there two categories of online webcam models: the nude and the non-nude ones – the only difference between this two types of webcam models is that non-nude online modeling is based on the intelligence and the personality of the webcam model. But both of them are based on conversations with people from other countries, through a computer equipped with a video camera and an Internet connection. And that's why Studio 20 has become one of the best live cam studios in the world: we have merged the two concepts in order to create a glamorous world, a place where a smart girl can earn more than a nude webcam model.

So, why keep asking if you, as a live cam model, should you tell people that you are working for a live cam studio or not. This is like you're questioning your intelligence, your personal charm; you are a unique girl who has a great sense of humor, an impressive artistic perspective, a seductive personality, a lot of stories to tell. You are a star! So why would you like to hide that you are better than a lot of gossipers who think they know who you are? You have to share your story because a live cam studio is a perfect place where you will make a lot of memories and you will meet a lot of people who's stories can become lessons to be learned for many of us. Don't be afraid to shine every time you can!

Moreover, Studio 20 is a live cam studio where every webcam model earns a lot of money and can have everything she wants. It would be so sad to have the most luxurious life and to not be able to share it with your family and friends. Transform your happiness into their happiness! A well-informed person should look at you just the way he would look for example at a psychologist. Be yourself and life will smile back at you. It's really important to have a great social life because your personal problems and frustrations will affect your work and your always-positive mood that can conquer the entire world. 

Obviously, we are not talking about your presence on the local websites. This is another aspect and you must know that Studio 20 is a live cam studio who respects its models and their privacy. We are talking about the lioness in you that has to express herself wherever and whenever she wants. So, are you going to hide that you're working for a live cam studio?


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