Having a poem or a song dedicated to you, the most wonderful gift you could receive!

Having a poem or a song dedicated to you, the most wonderful gift you could receive!
They say that "If a writer falls in love with you, you will never die". What this quote means is that, by transforming you into his muse or one of his characters, the writer will make sure that you will live forever, through his work. Replace "writer" with "painter", "singer", "director", or generally "artist", and you get a more realistic picture.

Another beautiful quote goes like this: "If it never ends - it's love, if it ends - it's a love story, and if it never started - it's poetry". By combining the two, you understand the true value of an artistic work being dedicated to you, regardless of its form.

Most of the time, we tend to judge words or deeds through the relationship that we have with those saying or doing them. For example, a simple "It will be OK" from your mother or your best friend will value a thousand times more than the biggest bouquet of roses from the man who cheated on you.

However, when it comes to a work of art, especially one whose protagonist you are, you should recognize its value in itself, seeing through the eyes of the man who wrote it, painted it, or composed it. It might be your boyfriend, a very good friend, a secret admirer, or even a member.

So why did we say that having a poem, a painting, or a song dedicated to you is the most wonderful gift you could ever receive? First of all, because it's something custom-made. Personalized gifts, whether we are talking about an engraved bracelet, a T-shirt, a pillow, or a signed copy of your favorite book or album, are always appreciated, as they are unique.

Secondly, because the author of the gift spent time, hours or maybe even days, to make this beautiful present for you. Inspiration doesn't come easy and, even when it does, turning thoughts into words, musical notes, or colors is much easier said than done.

Last but not least, the fact that somebody, regardless of who they are, decided to turn a memory of you into an artistic act that will live forever means that you made an impact. Knowing that you count and that you make a difference in somebody's life is one of the most flattering feelings in the world.

"She doesn't speak too much, but she leads the most intelligent conversations. She is a thinker. She has her coffee and books and music. She has her style. There's something so deep in her eyes. That's why everybody stares at her. She has a beautiful soul. She has power and she is not afraid to be different. She is the art"

Did you like the quote above? This is just an example of how a woman can be "painted" in words by a skillful writer. If you enjoyed it, just imagine how it would be like if somebody wrote those lines for you. Guess what: you shouldn't imagine it for too long! We are sure that you have plenty of admirers, and one of them has already started writing, painting, or turning you into his favorite song.


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