Studio 20 awarded Best live cam studio at Live Cam Awards 2017

Studio 20 awarded Best live cam studio at Live Cam Awards 2017
In the last few years, the evolution of the live cam industry is more than obvious. The webcam models are becoming more popular than ever, cam studios are trying their best to provide top services to their clients and chat sites are easier to access, in order to support business growth. 

Every year, the number of events that bring together webcam models, cam sites, live cam studios, marketing, trading and advertising companies has increased significantly.

The professionalism shown by Studio 20 towards its customers and its webcam models has been recognized over the years in numerous live cam award ceremonies, by winning many and extremely important awards. 

Once again, Studio 20 established its supremacy as the best live cam studio in the world at the 2017 Live Cam Awards, which took place in Barcelona. Here, Studio 20 won four highly valuable awards.

Studio 20: the most innovative Live Cam Studio

Starting with 2013, the Studio 20 franchise started its journey in a ten-room villa, with only 12 webcam models and their ambition to succeed. Hard work, dedication, determination, and professionalism were the values that turned Studio 20 into the best cam studio in the world. 

In 2015,  Studio 20 started to promote the glamor concept, which had a huge impact on how the online modeling industry is viewed worldwide. So, with these aspects in mind, there`s no wonder that all international award festivals in the online modeling industry appreciate our work and that every single time we have won a great number of trophies.

This time, we have been rewarded with the "Most Innovative Live Cam Studio " trophy, which we are extremely proud of and it motivates us to become better at what we do, to prove with every opportunity that Studio 20 is, indeed, the best cam studio in the world.

Studio 20`s webcam models – amazing appearance at 2017 Live Cam Awards 

(Photo: Raquelle Diva and Devious Angel, Live Cam Awards 2017)

The trophy for "Best cam studio" is not easy to win and it can`t be obtained without training exceptional webcam models and their remarkable work they put so much passion in. Our webcam models are very ambitious and they never shy away from learning new things every day, in order to improve their skills and become more successful at what they do. Therefore, it`s no wonder that Studio 20`s webcam models are recognized and appreciated throughout the world, every year winning many awards at international live cam events. 

At 2017 Live Cam Awards, our models were rewarded with "Aspiring Live Cam Model" (won by Rebecca000), "Best Attitude" (won by Natasha Chase) and "Best Show" (won by Lara Dixon) trophies.

(Photo: Natasha Chase, Best Attitude, Live Cam Awards 2017)

Currently, Studio 20 is present in the most important cities of Romania: Bucharest (with offices in Piata Victoriei and Unirii - which is the largest live cam studio in the world) Cluj-Napoca, Timisoara, Craiova, Oradea. Also, Studio 20 has cam studios in the USA, Los Angeles and in Columbia, Cali. In 2016, Studio 20 opened Studio 20 Men, where you can perform male webcam modeling.

If you want to join a successful team and set the foundations of a long and prosperous career, contact a Studio 20 company representative and set up an interview. You'll learn all about the online modeling industry and how you can fulfill your dreams by working for the best cam studio in the world!

(Photo: Studio 20, Live Cam Awards 2017)


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