How did the decision of becoming a non-adult studio impact our models?

How did the decision of becoming a non-adult studio impact our models?
Studio 20 is the biggest non-adult webcam modeling agency in the world, with locations in three countries on three continents: Romania, Colombia, and the United States. A few years ago, we went through the biggest shift in our over 17 years of experience on the market. More precisely, we became a premium non-adult cam studio. This implies that our models don't have to undress or engage in any type of sexual activity during their working hours. This big change impacted them on many levels, but only with positive outcomes, as you will see below.

First of all, the fact that they don't have to get naked made them more eager to work in the modeling agency industry. Since the change, we didn't reduce their earnings, actually quite the contrary. Therefore, the idea of making a lot of money without actually have to drop clothes enticed them even more. We have noticed an increase in the number of applications in our American studios, located in Los Angeles and Phoenix. This is in part due to our evolution on the market, but we are pretty sure it happened because we became a premium non-adult studio.

Secondly, the fact that we don't ask our models to undress during the private sessions with their members helped them build a more trustful relationship with us. This approach denotes professionalism from our side and young women are more willing to work longer for us. Furthermore, we offer important bonuses for models who spend more than six months or one year with us. This makes young women more likely to see webcam jobs as a career opportunity, rather than a short stage in which they make a lot of money, for supporting their studies, for example.

Thirdly, the fact that they work in a non-adult modeling agency helps our models evolve both professionally, as well as personally. Since they don't have to take their clothes off, they have to entice members some other way, more precisely through interesting conversations. Therefore, they have to open their mind and learn new stuff, from a foreign language and general knowledge, to psychological tricks and other means of keeping members enticed for as long as possible. The stuff they learn from our personal trainers can also be applied in their day to day life, which makes their professional activity all the more important.

Last but not least, by working in a non-adult environment, webcam models won't feel the same pressure from society and it will be much easier for them to admit what they do for a living. Of course, not even working in an adult cam studio is something to be ashamed of, but people tend to judge you and say different bad things. But, by working at Studio 20, which has a strict non-adult policy, you will feel no pressure and no shame to tell people, especially since your earnings are so high and your schedule is so flexible that you can boast about it.


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