How to surprise your most loyal members?

How to surprise your most loyal members?
Every employee that works with clients, whether in a bank, in a supermarket, or online modeling, has to act professionally towards all of them, even if some are impolite or even rude. At first, this might seem hard and unusual since you wouldn't do that in any other circumstances. However, the employee-client relationship is special and you always have to remember that the business you serve depends on their money. Keeping calm is essential for maintaining the reputation of your employer and, ultimately, for securing your job.

If you follow this blog, you most certainly remember that we dealt with the subject of rude members, so now we will touch another interesting topic. Specifically, we will talk about the best ways to reward your most loyal members. In online modeling, you develop much closer relationships than in other domains, even if you never physically meet your members. However, the nature of your discussions and the fact that you sometimes act like their psychologist helps you make them much more loyal.

So, how do you surprise your most loyal members? This is the exact question a cam girl that goes by the name of Sabrina asked on a private online modeling forum. "I have a curiosity: do you surprise your most loyal members? I was thinking about dedicating them a special photo or video, but I'm not too inspired. What advice do you have for me?", she asked, and other models immediately started answering.

"You could prepare a special outfit or maybe some role-play. But if you are talking about a loyal member and you get along well, I think your attention is the best present you could offer. I had a member like this, he was very cute and sometimes I wrote down what he said, without him seeing me. The next day, I would ask questions about what he told me. Judging by his reaction, I think this made him happier than any outfit I would wear", answered Cynthia.

Another girl, by the name of Iris, said she sometimes puts up a special photoshoot, with an outfit she doesn't normally wear on webcam, but nothing too revealing. "Yes, I also surprise my most loyal members. I organize online dates or special evenings for their birthdays. I have to make them feel special one way or another, and they really seem to appreciate it", Aubrey concluded.

Therefore, whether you remember their birthday and wish them "Happy birthday", greet them in their native language or give them access to some exclusive material, there are numerous ways to make your members feel special and reward them for being loyal. Of course, you always have to remember that you work for a non-adult cam studio, which means you should never cross the line, and you should never allow them to cross the line either.

In conclusion, surprising your most loyal members is a great way to keep them close and make sure they follow you further. Last but not least, more time spent in private sessions with your fans means more money for you, as well as the studio you work for.


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