How working at Studio 20 has helped me in my personal life?

How working at Studio 20 has helped me in my personal life?
My name is Rita and I am 25. For two years, I've been working as a webcam model for the biggest agency here in the US. Since the whole experience has been life-changing, I've decided to tell my story on Studio 20's blog. I hope this will help other girls understand what this job is really about and not look at it only as a temporary solution for earning money quickly. In fact, being a cam girl IS a career and it can even help you become better in your personal life. How? Keep reading and find out.

First of all, I must say that, when I started to work for Studio 20, I was just a 22 year old straight out of college. I searched for a relatively easy way to support myself since I had just moved to a rented apartment here in LA. I found this opportunity almost by mistake, on Facebook, and I decided to give it a shot. I didn't have much time to prepare for the interview, but now I believe that this was to my advantage. I didn't dress fancy, nor did I wear a lot of makeup - I was as natural and casual as I could be, both in the way, I dressed, and talked.

The interviewers immediately clicked with me and, a couple of days after, they announced to me I got the job. To my surprise, my activity consisted of talking to members, showing them empathy and support, and just being around. Since this agency is a non-adult one, I didn't have to take off my clothes. Actually, clothes were really important because they made me take my role more seriously and gave me self confidence, which clearly showed.

So, without further ado, here is how working at Studio 20 helped me in my personal life:

1. It completely changed my perspective. Before working here, I must admit I was a little shallow in the way I thought and acted. I think this is understandable since I was so young. The true paradox is that, back then, I wanted a sports car and a fancy wardrobe, filled with branded clothes. Now, I have all these and of course, I appreciate them. The difference is that I don't see them as my ultimate purpose as I did two years ago, but rather as a means to get different stuff done.

2. It made me more attentive to people's needs. When I was 22, the whole world was about me. I had to do this, I felt like that, I needed something, I wanted some other thing. Working at Studio 20 has taught me that other people exist and have the same needs as me, or even more important. Looking back, I really think empathy is the single most important quality I developed, with communication coming in second.

3. It allowed me to build a solid general knowledge. Having to talk to so many different people from diverse backgrounds and activities, I had to build a solid general knowledge. I've learned about social problems, politics, and even French literature. All in all, I am a better human being now and I will continue to grow in my personal life, as well as in my career.


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