We kindly offer you the best cam jobs on the market! Here are the details!

We kindly offer you the best cam jobs on the market! Here are the details!
Today's technology created a huge online jobs market, and more companies are adopting this modern and efficient policy each day. Between the many offers the Internet brings, one of the most profitable choices you could make is represented by cam jobs. This activity can ensure the financial independence you seek and an incredible career if you prove you are serious and dedicated. In order to make sure that you'll work for a studio that offers the best conditions in the industry, here are some details that you must find in their cam jobs offer: 

1. A guaranteed minimum revenue
The best cam jobs on the market must include the guarantee of a secure and stable monthly revenue, so if you choose to be part of our online modeling team, you'll start from a minimum of $1,000 per month in your first months of activity. In this situation, a rookie webcam model does not need to be concerned about her performance, because this is not the most important thing at the beginning of the activity. All Studio 20 models are treated equally, therefore they all benefit from this guaranteed minimum monthly revenue that is meant to increase performance and the will to build a successful career. 

2. The contract
Any form of collaboration is based on a contract, yet there still are a lot of studios that will only give you excuses and delays when you ask about the documents involved. Therefore, it is mandatory that the contract is signed from the first day of activity. This legal binding document must include the guaranteed working conditions, the rights that the models have and the revenue they will enjoy. This way, we always take full responsibility for the promises we make and we make sure that you won't have any worries regarding the legal status of your activity. 

3. Additional document for secure and legal earnings
Another detail that must be included in an advantageous cam jobs offer is the additional document for secure and 100% legal earnings. With Studio 20, this document is signed by all models every 2 weeks in order to ensure that each employee is up to date with taxes and other payments.  

4. Standard earnings of 50%
All serious cam jobs should be able to guarantee earnings that amount to at least half of the total earnings that a webcam model brings as a result of her monthly activity. To offer a clear example, we give you a standard commission of 50% and many bonuses on top of that. This way, the bonus scheme we offer can help your revenue amount to as much as 65% of the total earnings you registered in a certain period of time. 

5. Interest-free loans directly from the company
For 18 years we've strived to truly offer you the best cam jobs opportunity on the market! Thus, on top of all the benefits mentioned above, we give you the possibility to access interest-free credit lines directly from the company as soon as you pass the 6 months milestone in our team. This way, you'll have the opportunity to achieve all your financial goals without having to wait year after year in order to save up a certain amount of money. 

Now that you know what details the best cam jobs offer must include, complete the registration form that can be found in our site to join a professional team with which to grow and excel in every direction!


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