Impress your members with these phrases in their own language!

Impress your members with these phrases in their own language!
Since you are working for a strictly non-adult online modeling agency, you can't rely on your physical qualities to impress your members. Although they will try to figure out your body shape through your clothes, you won't be able to show it to them, which means that you will have to entice them and keep them for as long as possible in the private sessions with you by other means. One of the best things you can do is surprise them with a more or less common phrase in their own language. This will most certainly catch them off guard and make them appreciate you and look up to you even more.

However, you have to understand that not only the fact that you speak to them in their own language is important, but also what you say. Therefore, we have prepared a few catchphrases that will help you form a bond with your members that would otherwise be impossible. When it comes to non-adult cam modeling, most of the time, people who opt for it, aka your members, are feeling lonely, sad, or even depressed, needing someone who can listen to them, understand them, and talk to them. And you are the perfect one to do it! Without further ado, let's see what you can say to them to make them feel better:

I wish I could be with you right now

Italian: Vorrei poter essere con te in questo momento
Spanish: Ojalá pudiera estar contigo ahora mismo
Portuguese: Eu gostaria de poder estar com você agora
Arab: 'Atamanaa 'an 'akun maeak alan
Indian: Kaash main abhee tumhaare saath hota
Malaysian: Saya harap saya dapat bersamamu sekarang

You're doing a great job, keep it up!

Italian: Stai facendo un ottimo lavoro, continua così!
Spanish: Estás haciendo un gran trabajo, ¡sigue así!
Portuguese: Você está fazendo um ótimo trabalho, continue assim!
Arab: 'Ant taqum bieamal rayie , astamirr fi dhalika!
Indian: Aap bahut achchha kaam kar rahe hain, ise jaaree rakhen!
Malaysian: Anda melakukan kerja yang hebat, teruskan!

You can say anything, I won't judge!

Italian: Puoi dire qualsiasi cosa, non giudicherò!
Spanish: Puedes decir cualquier cosa, ¡no te juzgaré!
Portuguese: Você pode dizer qualquer coisa, eu não vou julgar!
Arab: Yumkinuk qawl 'ayi shay' , lan 'ahkama!
Indian: Aap kuchh bhee kah sakate hain, main nyaay nahin karoonga!
Malaysian: Anda boleh mengatakan apa-apa, saya tidak akan menilai!

Of course, you don't have to pronounce all the words perfectly since you most probably don't even speak at least 4 or 5 of the languages above. However, the intention is what matters, and you can be sure that your members will appreciate it. By the way, we have selected Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Arab, Indian, and Malaysian since these are the languages spoken in the territories where most of our members come from. Actually, in another article on this blog, we taught you how to address people from all over the world, saying simple things such as "Hello, how are you?" or "What is your favorite movie?".


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