ROMINA: „I'm a webcam model and my activity is serious and financially rewarding”

ROMINA: „I'm a webcam model and my activity is serious and financially rewarding”

 Online modeling is a subject approached recently, and the voices speak openly about this activity, owning the things that they do. We've asked Romina, our Studio 20 colleague, to give a few words about her experience so far as a webcam model. She is 19 and is currently trying to grow professionally, and daily experiences the same issues that we all encounter in our workplace.


‘What can you tell us about being a webcam model?’


‘My activity is serious and financially rewarding. The earnings depend entirely on you and your motivation. If you are serious and want to earn well, you can have amazing paychecks each month. On the other hand, if you are a bit on the lazy side, this will reflect on your earnings. It's all up to you.’


‘Do you have previous experience as a webcam model?’


‘Yeah. I worked from home on a site available to anyone and that was a really unpleasant experience. I was alone, lacking the support of a great team, which I have now, and there was nobody who could tell me what to do and what to avoid in order to keep my focus and motivation. I wasn't sure that I wouldn't experience the exact same thing at Studio 20, but I can say that I was stunned about the level of implication and the professionalism of people here.’


‘Can you describe a regular day in your life?’


‘I wake up, I come to work and, if time allows it, I enjoy a coffee with my colleagues. I make the finishing touches on my makeup and hair, I put on the outfit I chose for today and get into character. I take a break once every couple of hours or when I feel the need, I am not limited in any way. All I have to do is let the support team know when I choose to log off or log back in.’


‘How did this experience change you?’


‘I got to know myself. I had a lot of support from the team, my confidence rose and I must admit that I approach daily interactions differently now. I've also made huge progress with my English and I have more general knowledge about the things that happen in the rest of the world.’


‘How much did you earn in your first month as a webcam model here?’


‘I perfectly remember earning $600 in my first 3 days, which was “Wow!”. The first month ended with a paycheck of about $3.000.’


‘Must you have a certain silhouette in order to be a webcam model?’


‘Nah. The appearance doesn't influence things so much as long as you take care of your body. I learned that you can be really appreciated by members even if you are outside the classic beauty standards. As I said earlier: it's the effort you put in that brings you the appreciation.’


‘What can you tell us about the members?’


‘I encounter all types of personalities, and most of the members are from the US. Some like my legs, others like my hair, my clothes or the way I dance. There are men that like me for my personality and men that are physically attracted to me. Some of them are with me since day one, so I also appreciate them in a special way.’


‘Were you ever forced to do something that you weren't comfortable with?’


‘Never. Only I can choose what I do in front of the camera.’


‘In what pleasant ways have the members surprised you?’


‘On the platform that we use, they can only make me virtual surprises, which are usually credits. They can't actually send me anything, because that would mean that they know my real identity, and Studio 20 protects me from that situation.’


‘I know that you won a trip. What was the context?’


‘It was a contest where the model that has the highest earnings in a certain period of time can win a trip in a destination of her choice. I chose the Maldives and I'll leave in February, alongside other webcam models from different Studio 20 locations.’


‘What do people think about online modeling?’


‘I received praise and critique. On one hand, I don't blame the ones that judge me, because I also used to have a bad opinion about this activity before I started working as a webcam model in a professional agency. I reached a point where I don't let other people's opinions bother me anymore, knowing that the world will judge you no matter what. The important thing is to be content with you and your work.’


‘What advice would you give to a person that is uncertain about becoming a webcam model?’


‘I would recommend visiting Studio 20 or call here and realize this is an inspired choice. Here you can enjoy support from all the team, modern technology and equipment, English and general knowledge lessons, professional photo shoots, financial support and more benefits regarding earnings. Even if she won't choose a webcam model career, maybe she can tell a friend.’  



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