The best icebreakers to start an interesting conversation with your members

The best icebreakers to start an interesting conversation with your members
Whether we are talking about a first date, a job interview or your first interaction with a member, the most difficult part is to start the conversation. You surely are familiar with that awkward silence accompanied by curious gazes, with both participants waiting for the other to say something. Because this scenario can be embarrassing for everybody, we have decided to make a list of the best icebreakers you could use.

An icebreaker is defined by the Urban Dictionary as "a simple question to start up a conversation". The most interesting part is that, even though its importance can't be undermined, it's actually not crucial what you say or ask, but just the fact that you do it. Of course, for an icebreaker to be successful, it has to follow a few guidelines. First of all, to be effective, it has to be an open question, so not one you could answer just with "Yes" or "No".

Secondly, although it is common sense, we have to say it: the icebreaker shouldn't be offensive or too aggressive. Making your interlocutor angry will not bring any added value to the conversation, nor will it make him eager to answer and find out things about you. This being said, we recommend a neutral remark, either about your partner's looks or about a burning or common topic. We have selected a few examples below:

1. An icebreaker about your member's look. One of the handiest ways to start a conversation with a member is to compliment his look or something about his look. For example, you could say something about his clothes, hair or eyes. This way, you will make him feel good about himself and encourage him to reply with a compliment about you. Once you both establish what you like at each other, you can take the conversation to the next level.

2. An icebreaker about a common topic. If you don't feel like complimenting your member or you are just not inspired, you could just propose a common topic, such as the weather or a burning subject, may it be political, social, economic, etc. For example, you could ask your member what he thinks about Trump, the coronavirus or Kobe Bryant's death. Most of the time, people feel more comfortable talking about something that doesn't involve them very much, especially at the beginning of a conversation. A few replies after, you could start going personal.

3. An icebreaker about the "elephant in the room". Last but not least, since we are talking about online modeling, you could be very direct and ask your dialogue partner: "Why are you here? What are you searching for and how can I help you?". Even though it's a very straight forward approach, it can turn out highly effective since it will break down the barriers of communication. Depending on how he answers, you will adapt your speech further on. For example, he might say "I'm lonely" or "I just needed someone to talk to". Don't be afraid to ask what's wrong and go on with the conversation from there.


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