The pros & cons of spending Christmas and New Year's Eve in the studio!

The pros & cons of spending Christmas and New Year's Eve in the studio!
The activity in a non-adult cam studio never ends, and the earnings you could make on weekends and holidays such as Christmas or New Year's Eve are higher than the usual ones. Therefore, most probably, models will talk to each other and choose if they want to work during one of the winter holidays or the other. If it's your first year in the modeling agency, you are probably undecided, this is why you have to read this article before making up your mind. Here is what you have to consider, from the point of view of your more experienced colleagues.

1. Most cam girls want to work on New Year's Eve. "One year, I worked both on Christmas and New Year's Eve, but the difference was quite obvious. I had higher earnings on New Year's than on Christmas", said Adania, on a private forum dedicated to this industry, while Jessyca added: "I chose to spend the last night of the year online because I noticed that is when I get the most traffic. It worked for me last year, and it will work again this year". Therefore, in a non-adult cam studio, New Year's Eve is characterized by more work, as well as more earnings. Therefore, this decision depends on what factor is more important for you: earnings or free time.

2. The members are slightly different between the two holidays. Normally, people spend Christmas with their extended families, regardless of their marital status, while New Year's Eve is spent with friends or as a couple. Therefore, members who sign in during the Christmas holidays are most probably alone, having no close friends or family members to share the joy of this celebration with. In these conditions, it's clear that you have to deal differently with them, paying even more attention to their feelings and their mood. But don't worry, this comes with experience! On the other hand, those who sign in during New Year's Eve are probably just single men who have no other plans for the night and want to spend the last evening of the year in pleasant company.

3. Ultimately, it all comes down to your personality, plans, and choice. Last but not least, you shouldn't ignore the fact that your personality, plans, and ultimately choice will lead to your decision. In other words, even if you could make more money on New Year's Eve, it's absolutely normal if you choose not to work on the last night of the year if you want to spend it with your friends. Similarly, you could choose to work on both holidays, which will most certainly be appreciated by your colleagues, or you could negotiate being free on both occasions.

Working on Christmas: pros - less work, a more festive atmosphere; cons - fewer earnings, can't spend the holidays with your family;

Working on New Year's Eve: pros - more earnings, it's not a religious holiday anyway; cons - more work, you can't party and drink.


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