The sexiest drinks to enjoy during a private session with your members!

The sexiest drinks to enjoy during a private session with your members!
Drinking with your members in non-adult online modeling is one of the best ways to spend your time, even though you aren't physically next to each other. The fact that you enjoy your favorite cocktail, of course moderately, helps you open up, be more relaxed, and let the person on the other side of the webcam know you better. The good thing about drinking separately, but together, is that you don't have to order or prepare the same thing: each of you should enjoy exactly what they want when they want it.

However, as with any other thing that you do or say, what you choose to drink reveals a lot about your personality. This is why, as a webcam model, even a non-adult one, you have to choose something that not only suits who you are, but also sends a strong message to your members. After all, you have to remember that, even though you have a great time with them, you are still at work, and you will be judged professionally by certain parameters. Therefore, you should entice them and make them spend as much time as possible with you.

This is exactly why we prepared, both literally and figuratively, a list of what we consider to be the "sexiest" drinks, more specifically cocktails. When your members will see you enjoying these wonderfully colored glasses of happiness, they will surely appreciate you even more, and they will start to have a more optimistic take on life. This is exactly what both of you want since non-adult online modeling is all about fulfilling a need and making every day better for yourself and your members. Without further ado, let's see what are the 5 cocktails we recommend, as well as their ingredients and recipes:

Blood Orange French 75. This champagne-based cocktail is very celebratory and induces a more relaxed and positive view of life. Another key ingredient of this drink are blood oranges, that spice it up and add a specific stint;

Fever. Fever is a Martini variation including red wine, that adds an exotic flavor, combining a nutty spiciness with the sexy hint of anise. Not everybody enjoys this cocktail, which is exactly what makes it so special - and you too!

Bitter Crush. Your members will most definitely have a... crush on you if you drink this in front of them. Bitter Crush is based on Italian Aperol (a bitter orange aperitif), white rum, and fresh lemon juice. It's an understatement to say that it will boost your session!

Amaretto Cranberry Kiss. Vodka and cranberries have always mixed very well, both literally and figuratively, but this time there is a special third ingredient. We are talking about amaretto, which contributes to the sweet almond flavor;

The New Bee's Knees. Last but not least, this oddly named cocktail includes gin, lemon, honey, and lavender, making it one of the most special entries on our list. While drinking it, you will feel a tingling sensation, and after, you will feel like flying. But remember: always drink responsibly!


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