The truth behind the mask: what did this pandemic teach us?

The truth behind the mask: what did this pandemic teach us?
The first half of 2020 will be unforgettable for the whole planet, but unfortunately not in a good way. The coronavirus pandemic crippled the global economy, made millions of people all around the world lose their job, while hundreds of thousands fell sick or even died because of the disease. However, the most crucial aspect we will remember these months for is the lockdown or, to be precise, the social distancing measures imposed by governments worldwide. Some of us spent the last two and a half months in our homes, only going out for basic shopping once a week or even less often.

Now, most of the countries have relaxed the restrictions since the number of new cases and deaths per day seems to decrease. The state of emergency was replaced by the alert state, which means that people are allowed to go out more often, but they still have to take precautions. One of these is wearing a face mask in closed spaces, while other countries made this protection method mandatory everywhere. Anyway, the global outbreak of this new disease was something new for all of us and, hopefully, a once in a lifetime experience. But what have we learned from it? Is there something positive about this period?

Well, first of all, we must say that self-isolation wasn't nearly as bad as many people thought. Introverts were already doing it quite often, while extroverts got some time to find themselves and become even better human beings. We slept better, we decluttered our minds, we read more books and watched more movies, we worked from home and spent more time with our loved ones, our children and our pets. We didn't get to see our old ones as often as we wanted, but we only did it to protect them from the virus since the 65+ generation is the most exposed to harm.

In other words, we gave up on our "normal" life for two and a half months, but we had a noble reason to do it. Although it might seem counterintuitive, the fact that we stayed home and did nothing all day, actually helped the figures stay low, or rather not get higher. Even though a vaccine is not ready and will probably not be available for a year or more, we all had a powerful weapon and we used it to the maximum. We kept the social distancing, thus not passing the virus and allowing it to thrive.

Last but not least, we got a probably unique chance in this very agitated and stressful lifestyle today. Basically, we were forced to take a break and a deep breath, which, let's be honest, we would probably never have taken in any other circumstances. Nowadays, it's all about productivity, about doing more and more for the others and not enough for ourselves. Ironically, we "needed" a pandemic to turn this situation around. And, if no one you know got sick or died of the coronavirus, lost their job or had any other financial difficulties, you can even say that this global pause helped you instead of affecting you.


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