This is the ONE-question personality test. Share it with your members!

This is the ONE-question personality test. Share it with your members!
Most personality tests are complicated, with tens of questions, each with four or five answer options. Until you finally reach the end, you forgot where you started, and you can't even be sure that you were truly honest. Therefore, you can't really trust the results, and most of the time they will seem random or auto-generated. However, what you will read below is a unique one-question personality test that speaks volumes. Ask your members this question and answer it too, after them, to see if the two answers match. If they do, or at least they are similar, you will realize that you can communicate with them on a higher level.

Without further ado, here is the test:

What would you like to do most?

1. Organize a class reunion
2. Imagine how the world could be improved
3. Play charades
4. Have a conversation with a friend
5. Direct employees
6. Create your perfect home
7. Discuss the way things work in the world
8. Work out an intricate system
9. Organize a party
10. Help a friend move
11. Participate in an art class
12. Go dancing
13. Carry out practical ideas
14. Be the president of a club
15. Play poker
16. Head out for the country.

So what's the catch? As you can see, there are 16 possible options. It turns out that they match the 16 personality types. Find each of them below, with a short description and the percentage of the world's population sharing the same personality. After taking turns answering the one-question personality test together with your members, discuss how accurate the results are. Spoiler: you will be impressed by its precision!

1. Pedagogue - you are an outstanding leader (5%)
2. Author - you absolutely enjoy helping others (1%)
3. Journalist - you understand everyone's motivations (6%)
4. Questor - you are caring, calm, and pleasant (1%)
5. Marshall - you are always seeking responsibility (5%)
6. Scientist - you are very self-confident and pragmatic (1%)
7. Inventor - you are non-conformist, innovative and enthusiast (6%)
8. Architect - you exist to understand the world and its contradictions (1%)

9. Seller - you are the most sociable and harmonizing (13%)
10. Conservator - you are very loyal and always of service (6%)
11. Artist - you have keen senses and express yourself through action (5%)
12. Entertainer - you radiate warmth, optimism, generosity, and cleverness (13%)
13. Trustee - you are dependable and decisive in practical matters (6%)
14. Administrator - you are responsible, strong, and in touch with the environment (13%)
15. Promotor - you are proactive, a fierce competitor, and negotiator (13%)
16. Artisan - you are impulsive, fearless, a master of tools (5%).

So, are you a seller, entertainer, administrator, or promotor? Great job, you have the highest chances of finding someone like you and being happy! Or are you an architect, scientist, questor, or author? Congratulations, you are unique and your personality can change the world! How about your members? Compare and have fun with them!


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