What's your spirit animal? Take a look inside yourself & find out!

What's your spirit animal? Take a look inside yourself & find out!
Nowadays, a lot of online tests & quizzes promise to reveal your spirit animal, through general questions that lead to a seemingly random result. For example, yours truly, the author of this article, hates reptiles. But, after taking one of the above-mentioned tests online, and answering all the questions as sincerely as possible, the result was that my spirit animal was... the snake. Because you can't hate your spirit animal, since that would contradict the whole idea of having one, it means that the result was inaccurate, to say the least. However, there is a very exact way to know your spirit animal, more precisely to choose it!

You can't choose your zodiac sign since it's based on your birth date, and you can't choose your personality since most of it is inherited or formed in childhood, without the possibility of shaping it too much later. However, you can choose your spirit animal based on two important aspects: your affinity towards that certain mammal, bird, fish, or reptile, and, more importantly, the characteristics and traits you share with it. Without further ado, check the list below and choose your spirit animal wisely since it will accompany you all your life from now on!

Lion. The king of the jungle distinguishes itself through two important qualities: authority and courage. The lion is a natural-born leader driven by the heart.

Tiger. If you have raw emotions and are guided by instinct, then most probably the tiger is your spirit animal. It's one of the strongest beasts, so you should be proud.

Wolf. Although instinctual, like the tiger, the wolf stands out through its intelligence and appetite for freedom. If you find yourself in this description, it only means one thing.

Bear. The bear is powerful, deeply emotional, and is strongly connected both to the earth, as well as the outdoors. If you feel the same way, this is your spirit animal.

Hawk. This bird of prey's spirit is oriented towards perspective and the ability to see things from all sides. This is really important when it comes to online modeling too.

Fox. The fox is the master of camouflage, detachment, and growing with surroundings. In other words, its main qualities are independence and adaptability - yours too?

Cat. Although it's a domestic animal, the cat is full of curiosity, adventure, and independence, while also mastering the art of patience. How about you?

Deer. Oh, deer! This animal is very sensitive, highly intuitive, gentle, graceful, and confident. Sounds to us like a very successful and happy woman, right?

Dolphin. The dolphin is playful and wise, a natural-born unifier, and a master of communication. All these skills are useful in non-adult online modeling!

Dove. The dove represents peace, blessings, and new beginnings. It's full of hope and optimism, but let's not forget the wings - it's also very independent and free!

Butterfly. Last but not least, the butterfly symbolizes transformation and evolution. It adapts and changes easily, but let's not forget it also stands for falling in love deeply!


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