What does an online modeling trainer position imply?

What does an online modeling trainer position imply?
We receive questions on a daily basis regarding the activity of an online modeling trainer. The interest in this job is high because, although it's a difficult job, anyone can learn and try to fill this position. For example, Studio 20 offers free training sessions to new team members, both male and female, for the online modeling trainer job.

It's an interesting and dynamic activity, very well paid, and the working schedule can have 5 days each week (if you work for 8 hours each day), 4 days/week (if you work 10 hours/day) or 3 days per week (if you choose to work 12 hours/day).

The Studio 20 training team is composed of:

1. Dedicated trainers
These online modeling trainers guide new models from their first day on the job, helping them understand how they can be successful, teaching them top modeling strategies and tricks, and explaining the site rules and all the online steps and processes that are needed in this line of work. They prepare the photo-video presentation session together, choose the final cut for the site, build the model's online profile and accommodate each model with the activity.

An online modeling trainer guides the model through a process that usually lasts between one and four weeks, depending on the model's ability to learn and adapt to this field. While working together, the online modeling trainer focuses his/her entire attention on the model that needs guidance, so the work schedule usually coincides with the model's (5 days/week, 8-10 hours/day). Studio 20 is a glamour studio that focuses on communication, persuasion, personal charm, and intelligence, so it is essential that the model should have enough time and information to truly understand the job, which is remarkably different than the adult online modeling (where nudity is the main ingredient).

2. Shift trainers (support team)
The shift online modeling trainers (the ones that are in the support team) offer permanent support to models during the daily activity, being there 24/7 to help the models maximize their earnings. Each colleague from the support team guides and assists certain models on each shift, being able to improve the communication and help them grow career-wise. The working schedule of a shift online modeling trainer can have 3 or 4 days per week (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Monday, Tuesday, Saturday, and Sunday), 12 hours per day, with 48 hour or 72 hour periods of free time each week, in compliance with the law.

All the online modeling trainer jobs and the online modeling admin jobs at Studio 20 have a good salary of over $1,000 per month (after the training period), a good contract and access to private medical care. Also, these positions have a monthly bonus scheme that depends on the results of the models they guide, and there is also the possibility of climbing the corporate ladder, a process that depends on the quality of their work. Most of the managers that are now in the 19 locations of Studio 20 have started working as online modeling trainers.

Want to learn more? Visit us and we'll chat, so you can make a clear picture about this job. We even offer you the possibility of spending a whole day in the online modeling training team for you to see if you like the activity. You can find us in Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Timisoara, Craiova, Oradea, Ploiesti, Pitesti, Brasov, Arad, Galati, Constanta, or abroad, in Cali, Bogota, Budapest or Los Angeles.

You can contact us via email at contact@studio20.com or by calling 0748777757. You can even speak to us right here, on the site, using the live chat button. We're waiting for you to apply to an online modeling trainer position, so you can enjoy being part of an international company.


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