What does your favorite color say about you?

What does your favorite color say about you?
The awkward period we are going through, and especially the self-isolation part, has made us go back to basics and return to the most simple elements that define our life. I am not sure if this happens because we seem to have much more thinking time than usually, or because we found out how little we need to be happy. Just like on a first date, where you consumed all of your important questions and a random one just pops into your head, we would like to ask you: what is your favorite color?

Along with your zodiac sign and your favorite movie, your color says a lot about your personality. And, funny enough, it's not about the shade itself, whether it's dark or bright, but about what the color stands for. As you will see below, there is no "right" or "wrong" color to like or embrace, since they all have positive meanings -. Actually, this is one of the reasons we decided to write this article: to show you that, even in the darkest of times, there is still hope for the better and for a normal future.

Black. Even though we are talking about colors, we decided to start with what most people would define as "non-colors" - black and white. Actually, black stands for no color at all, whereas white stands for all colors combined. Even these definitions say a lot about you. If you love wearing black, you most certainly are intelligent, yet somehow mysterious and cynical. In other words, you like people asking questions about you, even though they are not addressing them directly.

White. On the other hand, white is synonymous with serenity and peace. As you can see, even if black is the opposite of white, it  doesn't mean that, if you like black, you are the opposite of a person who likes white. The two colors just highlight different aspects of your personality.

Red. Undoubtedly, the third most favorite color in the world, after black and white, is red. It reveals a strong, ambitious, and outgoing personality. And, why not, a positive one, since red can't normally be linked to anything bad or negative.

Blue. Although some of you might feel blue during this time, the color doesn't have much to do with bad feelings. It actually stands for a calm, sensitive and patient soul.

Green. Green is synonymous with nature and health, therefore it can't be bad if this is your favorite color. It means you are a gentle, sincere, and passionate person.

Orange. Even if oranges can be both sweet and bitter, people who like this color don't have anything "bitter" in them. Actually, they are playful and popular.

Yellow. Yellow there, how are you? :) Jokes aside, people who prefer this shade are positive, friendly, adventurous, and can always see the good side, even in not so good situations.

Purple. Last, but not least, we chose to speak about a color that, surprisingly, many people like. Even though you might consider this startling, a lot of people enjoy purple. And there's good news: they are passionate, artistic, and fashionable!


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