What Instagram filters do webcam models use?

What Instagram filters do webcam models use?
As you already know, webcam models are becoming influencers, as this title gains more and more popularity everywhere in the world. This was expected to happen, as cam girls are young, beautiful, they know how to take care of themselves, and they preserve their image very well. Furthermore, they live what others might consider the perfect life, gaining independence from their parents from a very early age, being able to support themselves, and buy all the clothes, makeup products, cars, and exotic vacations they wish for. In other words, they are looked up to, not only by their members but by other women as well, including those who are jealous of them.

In these conditions, it was normal for them to influence one of the most popular social media platforms today, Instagram. Actually, many people consider IG the birthplace of influencers since this website is more focused on photo and video content, compared to Facebook or Twitter, where text content prevails. One of the most important aspects of this platform is represented by photo filters, used to enhance image quality, but also the appearance of the subjects. This was exactly the topic discussed on a private forum dedicated to the non-adult online modeling industry, and we present to you the conclusions of this chat between models.

“I’m curious what are your favorite filters and effects on IG. Until now, I’ve only used Vintage vibes, but I would like to invest more in my social media presence and your recommendations would help me. Kisses!”, said a cam girl by the name of X AEA-12. Soon, answers came pouring in. “I don’t use Instagram filters because they change the photo a lot, and not for the better. Instead, I would recommend apps such as Lightroom or VSCO because, unlike filters, they let you edit the luminosity, the contrast, etc. Good luck!”, said Megan.

“I like almost all story filters on Instagram. As for posts, I prefer the Juno effect”, answered Ivonna, while Adania was much more specific: “I’m in love with Retro Tan & Tiffany, Sushi by Lalivia Mathers, and Summer CAM by Yulya Kors. They’ve never let me down!”. Another non-adult cam girl, who goes by the name Jessyca, said she uses VSCO because “it offers the illusion that they are made with a real camera”. On the other hand, Dhalia said she uses VSCO, Air Brush, or Perfect 360, which have an integrated AI, which allows much more editing.

“I like Goddess by Yana Bononi, Cute Baby Face by Sasha Soul Art, Bezdar Presets 2, and Beauty by Dashas SSS”, Daria P. said, while another young woman also named Daria said that she prefers No Filter Filter, Cute Indie Kid, Goddess, and Model 90s. Last but not least, Sabrina said that she prefers to use VSCO or something very subtle. I don’t want to change my appearance too much, and I make the necessary changes by using makeup. I use filters for colors and atmosphere. It depends”, she added.


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