What is missing from your perfect life as a webcam model?

What is missing from your perfect life as a webcam model?
Life as a non-adult cam girl can be quite beautiful and different from what you would expect: you will earn enough money to buy yourself your dream house and your dream sports car, you will afford to travel to exotic destinations at least once or twice a year, and you can have all the clothes and makeup products you wish. Therefore, you will gain independence from your parents from a very young age, as early as 18, and you will be able to rule your own life, all while keeping your integrity intact since you don't have to get undressed or engage in any sexual acts during work.

However, taking into consideration your profession, which is still frowned upon in some circles, especially by people who have no idea what it entails, you will miss some things from your apparently perfect life. First of all, we are talking about fake friends. Normally, everybody is surrounded by a few fake friends, who act nicely in person but talk dirty behind your back. Most of the time, we either don't notice it or we decide to keep them close anyway, just in case we need something from them. However, as a webcam model, you will tell right away if someone is treating you unfairly, and you will cut them immediately from your life since you don't need them.

Secondly, as a cam girl, you won't have a sugar daddy, the reason being the same: that you don't need one since you earn your own money - and we are talking about important earnings, not pennies. A lot of young girls, especially in college or who don't work and don't make any money at all, tend to choose the simple way of entering the high life: by starting a relationship with a wealthy old man. Most of them are not satisfied only with that and want nothing more, nothing less than to get hold of his entire fortune. This is a kind of compromise that respectable young women are not willing to make since they are basically selling their life to somebody else.

Last but not least, you will not have a routine, like people who work ordinary 9 to 5 jobs do. They wake up every morning at the same time, they take a shower, eat breakfast, commute, and then they arrive to work. In the evening, they do all these things again, only in reverse order. Most of them are comfortable with this routine since it helps them be more organized. However, by choosing online modeling, you get to set your own schedule and work whenever you want, as long as you clock 40 hours per week, like everybody else. This will allow you to have more spare time, wake up later on weekdays, and take care of your personal life as well.

Of course, this article is ironic and you can consider yourself lucky for not having a routine, not needing a sugar daddy, and not being surrounded by fake friends. After all, your life is really perfect and nothing is missing from it!


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