Online modeling & new relationships: how well do they go together?

Online modeling & new relationships: how well do they go together?
When it comes to long-lasting relationships, they usually don't interfere with your activity as a webcam model, for a number of obvious reasons. Since you reached this point, it means that your partner accepts your job, that it doesn't matter to them or maybe they are in the same industry too. However, it's a totally different business with a new boyfriend. Actually, the moment you tell him what do you do for a living will represent the first test of the new bond.

A non-adult cam girl by the name of Oana asked, on a private forum dedicated to the online modeling industry, how should she handle this delicate task. "Hello, girls! How is your love life? Since I am in this industry, it's not working out for me. I went on a few dates, but as soon as I told them what my job is, they wouldn't call back. Are all men the same? Or just the ones I met?", she wrote. Soon, answers came pouring in and most of the other models agreed on one thing: Oana is unlucky.

"You should know that if a man is smart, sure of himself and his feelings, he will understand that your job is your job, and it has nothing to do with your private life. He will call you, he will want to find out more about you and spend time with you. Don't worry, you will meet the right person. If a man ditched you after you told him that you are a webcam model, it's great! He didn't deserve you anyway and you got rid of a headache", Krysta advised her.

Sophy confessed that she built an entire strategy to test her potential boyfriends, before revealing her true job. "I always suffered because of this problem. Not all men understand what this job is all about and they react accordingly. I choose the men I go out with more carefully and I 'test' them before, with a few key questions. I don't want to hide and I am certainly not ashamed by my profession, I just want to find out their sincere opinion before going any further", she wrote.

On the other hand, Xena comforted Oana and told her that she is not alone. "I am single for more than a year because I want to focus on my career and I didn't find the right man. They all want one night stands and when they find out I am a model, they wrongfully assume I will give in from the start. I am open-minded, but I am not stupid! I want to know a man before dedicating my body and soul to him. It seems that today everything is fast forward and I don't like it. Until prince charming comes, focus on your job, and make money. Love will come at the right time", Xena said, in one of the most appreciated replies to Oana's thread.


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