The best music to listen to inside the cam studio!

The best music to listen to inside the cam studio!
Although every model and member has a different taste in music, there is a genre that, in our opinion, is universally appreciated. Before revealing it, as well as the particularities making it so popular, we must specify what to expect from the music inside the cam studio. Of course, it can't be the main focus since the emphasis will be put on the interaction between model and member, but it should support it. Therefore, we are talking about background music, which doesn't draw too much attention to itself, but also induces a state of calm. As you might have already guessed, we are talking about reggae music!

Reggae is one of the most appreciated genres of music in the world, from Europe to Africa, and even from Asia to the Americas. Made famous by Bob Marley, this style is clean, simple, direct, and hasn't changed too much over the years, even though nowadays there are numerous sub-genres, such as ska, ragga, or reggaeton. The messages are clear and they are usually centered around ideas such as peace, freedom, love, and unity. Therefore, both musically and in terms of lyrics, we could say that reggae is a universal language.

But why is it the best music to listen to inside the cam studio? Well, first of all, because it's very monotonous and repetitive, in a good way. When you listen to music not for the music's sake, but in the background, you want it to be as repetitive as possible, so you don't concentrate on it, but rather on what you are doing. This is why numerous places make use of house music, with the difference that the higher tempo makes clients more prone to placing orders. Therefore, a nice reggae beat will support the conversation and it could even dictate its rhythm.

Secondly, as we already mentioned, reggae music is light and always positive, and it will most certainly influence your mood, as well as your member's. The soft beats, melodic bass, and nice keys, not to mention the warm and colorful voices, will fill the room with a good vibration. Therefore, no matter how tense the situation was before and how bad a member was feeling, he will most certainly cheer up when he hears the unmistakable Jamaican sound. And he will thank you for choosing such inspired background music.

Last but not least, reggae is very predictable. What do we mean by that? It doesn't have any rhythm breaks, it doesn't change its BPM, and the general structure of the song is linear, very easy to keep up with. Therefore, it will support the conversation at all times and you don't have to listen to a song from the beginning to appreciate it and get into the groove. All this being said, we think you should search for an extended reggae playlist right now and invite your members to jam by your side. And you shouldn't necessarily play only Bob Marley! Steel Pulse, Peter Tosh, Desmond Dekker, and Jimmy Cliff are other equally inspiring options.


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