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Have you considered working this Christmas? Here are the benefits!

Have you considered working this Christmas? Here are the benefits!
It's the beginning of December again, that time of the year when everybody wonders what they will do for Christmas and New Year's Eve. However, this year everything is different due to the pandemic that changed the world. Restaurants and shopping malls will be closed, the traditional concerts won't take place anymore, and our elder relatives will be afraid to be visited by us. In these conditions, it's highly improbable that these holidays will be memorable, so at least they should be profitable! When was the last time you worked on Christmas and New Year's Eve? At first, this proposal doesn't seem very tempting, but just think about the benefits! If you take a vacation, what will you do? Traveling is limited, visiting friends could be restricted, and shopping sprees are out of the discussion. You would just stay home all day, sleep, watch TV, and spend your holidays doing nothing. Instead, you can be proactive and offer to work when nobody else wants. Just imagine… [Read More...]

Quotes a webcam model has said at least once in her life

Quotes a webcam model has said at least once in her life
"I work hard, I pay my bills, I maintain myself, I am independent. When you see me, know that's all me. I'm not kept, I do the keeping" Does this sound familiar? We knew it would because you most probably said this or at least thought this way a couple of times in your life. You are a non-adult webcam model - you are a young, beautiful, independent, strong woman, who doesn't need a man to support her and who doesn't need to show her body to earn money. You have other qualities: you are attractive, smart, empathetic, kind, sagacious, and you always know what to say. This article is a gift for you - relax and indulge yourself in the next few minutes, with the best quotes we found on Pinterest about strong and independent women. Yes, they apply to you and, if you didn't know them already, they will make your day and, why not, your life better. You deserve to be appreciated, but first and foremost you must appreciate yourself at your true value. Keep up the good… [Read More...]

How did COVID-19 affect the cam industry?

How did COVID-19 affect the cam industry?
What a few months ago seemed like a strange time-out from our busy lives, has now become the new normality. The biggest industries in the world have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, some more than others, and day by day we are witnessing the rise and fall of business giants.   In a world that seems to be a poor man's scenario of Mad Max, what do we still consider a need? How has COVID-19 affect the cam industry, people's desire for online intimacy, or has it affected it at all?   While the unemployment rate is rising day by day, with an optimistic scenario of it peaking at 9.7% this year and a pessimistic one of 13.3%, the question on everyone's mind seems to be "what's the best job to have?".   Studio20 is the largest cam studio franchise in the world, counting 33 international studios in 2020. Studio20 is working with some of the top cam models in the world and specialized trainers, ready to help them reach the highest earnings in the cam-osphere.… [Read More...]

Online modeling & new relationships: how well do they go together?

Online modeling & new relationships: how well do they go together?
When it comes to long-lasting relationships, they usually don't interfere with your activity as a webcam model, for a number of obvious reasons. Since you reached this point, it means that your partner accepts your job, that it doesn't matter to them or maybe they are in the same industry too. However, it's a totally different business with a new boyfriend. Actually, the moment you tell him what do you do for a living will represent the first test of the new bond. A non-adult cam girl by the name of Oana asked, on a private forum dedicated to the online modeling industry, how should she handle this delicate task. "Hello, girls! How is your love life? Since I am in this industry, it's not working out for me. I went on a few dates, but as soon as I told them what my job is, they wouldn't call back. Are all men the same? Or just the ones I met?", she wrote. Soon, answers came pouring in and most of the other models agreed on one thing: Oana is unlucky. "You… [Read More...]

How to prevent burnout in online modeling?

How to prevent burnout in online modeling?
According to the World Health Organization, burnout is defined as "a syndrome resulting from chronic work-related stress, with symptoms characterized by feelings of energy depletion or exhaustion, increased mental distance from one's job, or feelings of negativism or cynicism related to one's job, and reduced professional efficacy". As you can see, the definition doesn't mention anything about the type of professional activity, which means everybody can be affected, even if they work in online modeling, which is known as an ideal occupation for young, ambitious women and not only. Working as a non-adult cam girl doesn't have any drawbacks: you are extremely well-paid, you can start as early as 18, without any prior education or experience, you can set your own schedule, and you don't have to undress or engage in any type of sexual activity. Actually, the only thing you have to do to entice your members to spend as much time as possible in the private sessions… [Read More...]

The success in online modeling, between hard work and luck

The success in online modeling, between hard work and luck
A non-adult webcam model asked an interesting question on a private forum dedicated to women who activate in this very profitable industry. She wanted to know how her colleagues from all around the world feel about the balance between hard work and luck in their job. "What do you say, girls? Being successful in online modeling is all about luck or hard work? I had this discussion with my friends, and each of them sees things differently. For example, I feel it's all about hard work, you have to anticipate when you will have the biggest traffic, you have to be energetic, talkative, cheerful all the time. On the other hand, I have a friend who is very chaotic when it comes to her schedule and she earns as much money as I do. She just says she's lucky, haha. What do you think?", Simone asked. Soon, answers came pouring in, and we selected the best of them. "I say it's a combination of work and fortune. For example, I am a little unlucky, I have to work a lot to… [Read More...]

Show your members a bright smile, but don't blind them!

Show your members a bright smile, but don't blind them!
When we think about any color, be it red, blue, yellow, or green, we think of it in terms of shades: bright, dark, neon, and so on. We imagine that this classification is possible for any hue except black and white. After all, black is the darkest, white is the brightest, and they are both non-colors. However, when you see someone with dental veneers so white that they almost blind you, you realize there is such thing as "the whitest white". In this article, we will show you why to avoid it. A cam girl by the name of Krysta asked, on a private forum dedicated to the online modeling industry, if she should opt for the whitest dental veneers possible. "Hi, girls! I want to change my look and put on the whitest dental veneers I can find. I want to blind my members when I smile, hahaha. Can you recommend a dentist that will not cost me a fortune?", she opened the thread. However, instead of recommending her a certain clinic, the rest of the girls, as well as other employees… [Read More...]

What can you do after being a cam model?

What can you do after being a cam model?
  If you're reading this article, becoming a cam model has crossed your mind at least once or twice. You want to make money, you want to earn them quickly, to ensure your future independent of others, you'll take on this job for a while, but you're probably wondering what you can do after being a cam model.   In today's society, there's a massive conflict: what will the family say? What will your friends say? Is it something bad? Is it degrading? What will people say?   The industry has changed a lot over the years, and, if five years ago, the idea of ​​a non-nude cam studio would not even have crossed our mind, now there are non-nude cam studios all over the world.   We could give you a whole list of benefits you can get if you work as a model. Still, we believe that the power of example is always the most appropriate, especially when discussing a topic as sensitive as camming.   Former models often become trainers or studio managers or… [Read More...]

Life after online modeling - the possibilities are endless!

Life after online modeling - the possibilities are endless!
Online modeling has evolved so much in recent years: from the adult to the non-adult approach (cam girls no longer have to undress or engage in any sexual activities); from focusing on models' beauty to focusing on their other qualities (empathy, language, and conversational skills, etc.); from age restrictions to no limit whatsoever (you can be a webcam model even if you're over 35 or even 40). However, just like in any other job, not everybody wants to do the same thing forever. So what can you do if you're in the same situation? Luckily for you, the possibilities are endless, as you will see below. First of all, we must mention that the decision of no longer being a webcam model is entirely up to you. If you're good at it, you will earn more and more money, even if you are no longer in your 20s. Since we are strictly talking about non-adult online modeling, age is just a number and, as you get older, you also get wiser and gain more experience that will allow you to… [Read More...]

Self-confidence is the key to choose! Quotes to help you reach your full potential

Self-confidence is the key to choose! Quotes to help you reach your full potential
What do you think is the most beautiful thing a woman can possess? Her looks, her eyes, her attitude? Her intelligence, her charm, her laugh? Her clothes, her shoes, her home? If you thought of any of the answers above, you are wrong. Sabrina Carpenter, the famous singer and actress knows better: "Confidence is the most beautiful thing you can possess". And this is just one of the quotes about self-confidence that we will share with you in this article. Whether you feel down and want to cheer up, or a bad thing happened to you and you want to become strong again, this is exactly what you need to read today. Remember: one bad day shouldn't ruin your whole week, and one sad event shouldn't prevent you from being happy again! "All you need in this life is ignorance and confidence, and then success is sure" (Mark Twain, writer, 1835-1910) "Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble, but reasonable confidence in your own powers, you… [Read More...]


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